Event Guidelines

Raid Train Protocol

  • Start your stream at least 5 minutes early.
  • Use the weeklies channel on discord for communications so that everyone knows what is happening.
  • Always communicate in the twitch channel of the person playing before you that you are live and ready to be raided. This ensures that person doesn’t have to type your whole entire name when they raid you.
  • Confirm the person playing directly after you is live and ready before raiding.
  • Sometimes twitch does not bring the entire audience over in the first raid. Please raid at least twice to round up any stragglers.
  • If you cannot make your timeslot, please communicate this as soon as possible. Don’t leave your teammates hanging!
  • Turn off chat restrictions. See below for more details.

Chat Restrictions

  • Turn off follower-only mode and subscribers-only chat
  • Set verification to Twitch minimum recommendation or less. Phone verification in particular can be problematic for people and it is recommended to turn it off entirely.


  • Put branding in your viz using the Doom Fam logo.
  • Put “Doom Fam” and the name of the event you are playing in your stream title.
  • Add the DoomFam tag and the event tag to your twitch stream info.
  • Use the hashtags on social media sites when promoting the events.

Weekly Event Names

  • Subliminal Mondaze
  • The Thing We Do On Wednesday (alternate short version TTWDOW)
  • Techno Thursday

Twitch Tags

  • DoomFam
  • SubliminalMondaze
  • TechnoThursday


  • #DoomFam
  • #SubliminalMondaze
  • #TechnoThursday

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