Extended Family

  • Digitonal


    Beautiful, ambient electronica since 1997. Toytronic alumuni. IDM Survivor.

  • William Fields

    William Fields

    William Fields makes improvisational electronic music in real-time with his unique live performance system. He has released music internationally on various labels such as SUPERPANG, Tokinogake, ding\ndents, Conditional, 3OP, Evel, Kaer Uiks, Great Curve, New York Haunted, Nada, and NOREMIXES.

  • Spectrin


    Spectrin is the IDM project of Steve Gaffney, London-based musician, hammock user, and general loafer. The Spectrin project weaves IDM-tinged textured soundscapes with interlocking melodies and scattered beats using modern drum machines with 80’s and 90’s vintage synth and studio hardware.

  • Ahpook


    Portland Oregon based ahpook works for Big Tech by day, moonlights as a live sound and lighting engineer, promotes a quarterly synthesizer event called INVERSION, and occasionally even plays music himself.

  • SPRK


    Music artist on a techno live-play journey.

  • Noxmoderato


    Noxmoderato is a PNW based multi-instrumentalist who likes to create haunting sounds and music. Nox uses guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, and piano to craft these sounds. ƪ(`▿▿´ƪ)

  • Shok


    Shok is a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who sings, plays drums & percussion, bass, guitar, piano, cello, trumpet and found objects. Production and collaborative credits include work with Daniel Ash (Bauhaus / Love And Rockets), Josie Cotton, L7’s Donita Sparks, Traci Lords, Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb), Technical Itch, DJ Superstar Keoki, and Tres Vampires, a… Continue reading Shok

  • Ryota Maekawa

    Ryota Maekawa

    A Japanese person is a rarity in the community. Not good at English? But don’t worry, I speak with electric signals, so that’s no problem. Wait, the most easily understood word is, yes, Cheers! カンパイ!

  • KB14


    Pusher of buttons, twister of pots. Creative but slightly strange guy. From the Netherlands, doesn’t use a mic. No discs to jock, Traktor makes the noise. Faceless selector of bleeps and bass.Heavy into the dark vibes of Techno.Appreciating the deeper Ambient.

  • djGinman


    Ginman hails from The Netherlands and has been dj-ing and producing since the early 90s. Still madly in love with vinyl, but not unfamiliar with digital romances. Dark atmospheric techno is what floats his boat, but various subgenres may occur occasionally.



    Daniel C. // 39 years // France // Born at Nice 04/05/1983. Passionate about live electronic music since few years now. I play all kind of instruments just for fun (Guitar//Bass//Didgeridoo//Percussions//Mouth Harp//Lyre), I’m not a try hard or a professional, I just want to share some good moments with you all and if I can… Continue reading DIDBOX

  • effin_izzy


    effin_izzy has been trained, so he spent many years un-training. Now off his leash, he creates music in many styles, genres, ranging from modern concert music- chamber music, solo instrumental, soundtrack, avant-garde, graphic scores; to singer-songwriter stuff; to electronic dance-influenced music.

  • Baywolf


    Baywolf has been making computer music since the 90’s when Acidplanet and MP3.com were a thing. Always a work in progress, today’s studio setup is a hybrid modular synthesis rig that allows for infinite soundscape possibilities. Come along and jam to my eternal sound check… it’s different every time.

  • Greystar


    greystar makes a lotta music but never releases it, has been doing some live shows lately tho so that’s cool. they will probably release an album called hopscotch someday. = □ =

  • Zen Modern Life

    Zen Modern Life

    “Architecture is frozen music; Music is liquid architecture” Architect during the day, budding musician and artist by night. Let’s talk about self-expression and its role in self-betterment and growth. Certified yoga teacher wanting to discuss meditation, yoga, music, art, and creation

  • Sprite Guard

    Sprite Guard

    SpriteGuard blends ancient and modern in music and storytelling: using instruments that were first played ten thousand years ago and instruments that were first played yesterday; telling stories that were old when they were first written down and stories that were made up on the spot. Endlessly enthusiastic about any number of things, always finding… Continue reading Sprite Guard

  • Arctic Hospital

    Arctic Hospital

    arctic hospital makes droned out dub techno and records idm as talve. he used to release music and work with bands before taking a break, and is now focusing on mostly live hardware grooves