William Fields

William Fields makes improvisational electronic music in real-time with his unique live performance system. He has released music internationally on various labels such as SUPERPANG, Tokinogake, ding\ndents, Conditional, 3OP, Evel, Kaer Uiks, Great Curve, New York Haunted, Nada, and NOREMIXES.


effin_izzy has been trained, so he spent many years un-training. Now off his leash, he creates music in many styles, genres, ranging from modern concert music- chamber music, solo instrumental, soundtrack, avant-garde, graphic scores; to singer-songwriter stuff; to electronic dance-influenced music.

Zen Modern Life

“Architecture is frozen music; Music is liquid architecture” Architect during the day, budding musician and artist by night. Let’s talk about self-expression and its role in self-betterment and growth. Certified yoga teacher wanting to discuss meditation, yoga, music, art, and creation