• Lowkey Doom

    Lowkey Doom

    Lowkey Doom casts spells with choonz and always keeps u on ur toes.

  • Proem


    Richard Bailey has been releasing electronic music under the pseudonym “Proem” since 1999. He has released a sizable collection of full lengths, ep’s, and various artist appearances for underground electronic labels such as n5md, merck, hymen, and toytronic.

  • Skullzy


    Making sounds in one form or another since the late 90’s. Now broadcasting noise from the void on twitch. Electronics engineer. Programmer. Skull enthusiast.

  • Droopzilla


    Droops was a writer and former music editor for various music magazines back when electronic music was still mostly underground. He’s based in Chicago, and was a DNBID co-founder and Soul Foundation DJ. These days, he’s a friend to animals and houseplants; a product manager; avid reader; cyclist; and casual gamer. He’s always looking forward… Continue reading Droopzilla

  • 5QRL


    5 Squirrels in a Human Suit that perform Techno, Industrial, and other Dark and Heavy styles of Electronic music live using a combination of digital and analog synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, electric guitar, and vocals. 5QRL is influenced by bands such as Magic Sword, Dance with the Dead, Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, GOST, The Prodigy, Pendulum,… Continue reading 5QRL

  • Destroy With Science

    Destroy With Science

    New Zealand based Matt McKegg’s journey into fully live electronic music started in 2011 upon discovering just how difficult it was to perform music written on a computer in front of an audience. After a short detour speaking and performing internationally at tech conferences, he’s been keeping it local, playing many a house party and… Continue reading Destroy With Science

  • Yalk DX

    Yalk DX

    hexadecimal funk tracker via north hollywood

  • Bleep Temple

    Bleep Temple

    Bleeptemple, from Canberra Australia, improvises live techno on hardware synths. All sounds are generated from hardware except some select vocal samples – he never uses presets. Born as a drummer in a 90’s grunge guitar band, Berlin techno is now his safe place. His streams are his therapy sessions and he does love sharing them… Continue reading Bleep Temple

  • TotoRobyn


    TotoRobyn loves all things synths and swords. Based out of Boston, MA, she loves the exploration of electronic music. Primarily composes ambient and downtempo music, but can be found dabbling in various other genres like dance and chiptune.

  • Wade Wright

    Wade Wright

    Wade Wright is a producer and multi-instrumentalist based out of NYC as well as a Drum & Bass DJ who has worked with DJ Dara, Sean “The Shooter” and DJ DB’s Breakbeat Science NYC / Orgone Recordings, John B’s Beta Recordings UK / Chihuahua, EvilBase Recordings, BeatCamp Miami, Drumwerks, TheMission, Promise Family and radio/internet program… Continue reading Wade Wright

  • Bonus Creature

    Bonus Creature

    Bonus Creature is an electronic artist, singer/songwriter from Bristol, TN drawing inspiration from numerous disparate genres, including hip hop, indie/folk, metal, punk, acid techno, DNB, prog/alt rock, noise, and even classical. You might find heemz playing acoustic sets or shredding the airwaves w/ relentless molestation of his Drumbrute Impact.

  • Sprite Guard

    Sprite Guard

    SpriteGuard blends ancient and modern in music and storytelling: using instruments that were first played ten thousand years ago and instruments that were first played yesterday; telling stories that were old when they were first written down and stories that were made up on the spot. Endlessly enthusiastic about any number of things, always finding… Continue reading Sprite Guard

  • Crabsuit Lando

    Crabsuit Lando

    Crabsuit Lando AKA DJ Number 5 is an audio & video artist who loves to mix various styles of music. Crabsuit Lando has been mixing music and editing video since the early 2000’s. He DJ’s on TTWDOW show and MyLiveSaturdays.

  • Sonic Warriors United

    Sonic Warriors United

    Sonic Warriors United Bunker Purveyors Ov Underground Electronic Music. Real World • Virtual World ⊙ Mixed Reality Music Events. S.W.U. Bunker Resident Dj’s are Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect ⊙ Jana Clemen aka Abstract Soul.

  • Sh4rpii


    Cross-stitcher of bass music

  • Nap Monsters

    Nap Monsters

    Live improvised ambient project from Proem and Lowkey Doom made for sleeping and listening or both. both is good.